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Rhett and I have always had a desire to help people. On May 11, 2003 Rhett wrote the following description of his ideal future job in his journal; 

"I want a job where I get to help people, to be their friend. I want the relationship with those people to be long-term. I want to educate those that have the desire to learn. I want a job that excites me and motivates me to do more. I want a job that lets me come home excited to tell my wife about my day."

Now, 12 and a half years later we have fulfilled that dream in the sweetest way possible.

Rhett and I decided to become COPE Certified Health Coaches, because when we started on our amazing health transformation we realized how easy it was and wanted to bring our friends and family on the health journey with us. Our family got healthy with us and we realized how rewarding it is to help people become healthy: physically, mentally, and financially. Because of this incredible health program, we have watched our family get healthy, lose weight, and get off medicine they had been taking for years.

Our mission is to change the health of America one person, one family, at a time! Rhett and I are extremely passionate about our career of assisting people to health they forgot was ever possible. We would love the opportunity to support you to achieve your health goals and help you enjoy life to the fullest!

Please feel free to contact us so we can show you how we can assist you to lose your weight, increase energy, sleep better, and find hope as you improve your overall health!

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Want to know even more about us?

Rhemalda stands for RHett, EMmaline, ALdrich, and DArce. We are known by our family, friends, and other travelers as Rhemalda Road Warrior Journey. This blog chronicles the adventures of our family as we wear out the tires on our RV traveling to awesome destinations around the USA.

Our little family of four has been playing at being retired and traveling full time since March 22, 2012 when we sold everything we owned and bought ‘Big Bad Wolf’, a 27′ Grey Wolf Travel Trailer manufactured by Forest River.

Our home state and what we claim as our domicile is WASHINGTON! The best state ever, and I have proof to back up that statement, just ask me.

Our first four and a half years on the road has been everything we thought it would be and more. Let me tell you, we have had some amazing adventures!

This site has come, gone, and changed a lot in the past eight years since it began. For those of you who have hung in there for the ride, it has been wild and you most assuredly know a lot about us. For those of you who are just finding us, you may not know our past, but we welcome you to our future.

By now you realize we are a traveling family of four.  You should also know Rhett and Emmaline are COPE Certified Health Coaches who help individuals lose weight, gain energy, and sleep better.

Rhett is also an amazing graphic artist and Emmaline is the author of 17 romance novels. We have two homeschooled boys who we adore.

Aldrich is an energetic 10-year-old who is too smart for his own good and Darce is his 8-year-old brother who idolizes his brother and wants to do everything Aldrich does. Aldrich and Darce are homeschooled and love exploring the country as a family.

We hope we see you on the road sometime!

Read OUR FULL STORY below.


Everyone has a story, it is what makes us unique. If you are here you must have come looking for ours.

First off, let's explain RHEMALDA. Rhemalda is the first 2 letters of each of our names: RHett, EMmaline, ALdrich, and DArce. It's kind of our family brand and how we have labeled ourselves over the years. It came about in 2008 and we've loved it ever since.

This crazy crew started in 1998 when I (Emmaline) was home from college for the summer. Rhett had just returned from his LDS mission in Sao Paulo Brazil and we both showed up at church on Sunday, September 20, 1998. It took us a week to find out who each other were and begin dating, but on October 10, 1998 Rhett proposed at Mount Rainer next to a waterfall, and I said, "YES." We were married December 11, 1998 at the Seattle Temple for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Yes, it was a fast courtship. A whirlwind engagement and wedding. I like to call it Love At First Sight.

From here, Rhett and I spent a couple of years in college. I graduated from college in 2001 and Rhett graduated in 2002. From there we obtained jobs in both corporate and government. We chased job advancements for a lot of years, and were pretty successful. We had far too many houses in far too many towns and got into far too much debt.

Our ultimate goal was to have a family and raise children, but for a long time it did not happen. After a couple of miscarriages we learned that a childhood accident when I was 13 years old caused some complications and I began a 28-week stint of traction to break apart some calcified and fused areas in my hips which would then allow my body to carry a child to term.

After a lot of years of heartbreak and a very close scare 2/3 of the way through the pregnancy, Alrich was born. He was perfect. The most handsome baby ever and he was ours. He was the cutest baby on Earth. Well, he was ... until his brother came along. After Darce was born we couldn't decide which baby was cuter.

The pregnancy with Darce was the scariest seven months of my entire life. One evening during the second month I told Rhett I wasn't feeling well and wanted to go to bed early. We're not 100% sure what happened after that since I don't really remember, but not longer after I went into our bedroom, I passed out from pain, even stopped breathing. Rhett took me to the emergency room. It was cold, the roads were bad, and Rhett drove as fast as he dared while I varied between screaming and passing out.

They immediately admitted me and ran test after test ruling out heart attack, stroke, and any number of other things. I was hooked up to machines to monitor me and machines to monitor the baby.

It took a couple of days, but we learned my Gall Bladder had turned into a rock. I didn't have gall stones, no sludge in there like most people get, my organ just died and decided to harden into one large blockage.

Of course, the doctors said that surgery was needed immediately and very quietly said it was almost certain that when I had the surgery that we would lose the baby. To them, it was not a matter of if, it was when and how fast.

Rhett and I didn't even flinch, there was no question. We would not have the surgery and risk the baby's life. We'd had far too many troubles having children and wanted every chance we could get. The prognosis wasn't good, either the baby would die or I would. Those were the odds. Not much in-between.

We decided to go home and see what happened. I spent the rest of the pregnancy on bedrest, but it was all worth it. Darce was born early, but he was perfectly healthy and as soon as they could get it scheduled, I was whisked into surgery. Thank goodness for Rhett, he cared for a toddler and a new baby while doctors saved my life. I don't remember much about that time, but in my moments of lucidity between surgeries all I wanted was to see my baby.

There are no more kids in our future, but who needs more than two when they have the two perfect cuties we have.

Rhett and I kept working for about a year after Darce was born, but then we knew we had to get one of us home with the kids when we realized how many 'firsts' we were missing. It was then that, Rhett left his job and stayed home with the kids while I kept working.

Rhett is the one who began homeschooling Aldrich and Darce. He is the one who was with them all day during the diaper stage. And it is Rhett that Aldrich and Darce adore. He is not just their dad, but their HERO.

Rhett worked hard to create a self-employed income which would support me leaving my job also. It took time, but he succeeded.

In February 2012 we made it all happen. I gave notice at my job and in June we picked up our trailer in Iowa. The rest is history, we've been traveling and documenting our adventures ever since. We've been to hundreds of locations and met thousands of people.

Life is one big adventure and we love it.